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Billing Services Agreement

Brief Introduction About the Billing Services Agreement

A billing services agreement is a written agreement between you and your billing firm. Such an agreement mentions the various terms to be understood by all parties involved in this agreement. One can create your agreement using the sample agreement template that is available in many formats over the internet. If you are newly creating the agreement, then you must consult an attorney experienced in the same billing services field to create a good billing services agreement.

Who Takes the Billing Services Agreement?

What is a billing services agreement, and who takes it? Here is the answer. This agreement is between the billing firm and the customer who agrees to the contract terms. Here one party agrees to provide the billing service, and the other party accepts to get the same service. Here the service provider is not an employee of the other party but an independent contractor. The agreement mentions the roles and responsibilities of both parties, and as per the terms and conditions of the agreement, both have to follow up on the rules without violating it.

Purpose of the Billing Services Agreement

It is necessary to use the billing services contract document for two reasons. When some other business hires you for getting the billing services or when you provide the billing services by hiring the other business. To mention the legal needs of the billing services, both parties require entering into the contract.

The billing services contract includes various clauses to be considered for the safety of both parties involved in the agreement. For example, consider the medical billing services agreement, in which there are some important clauses like responsible parties, effective dates, reimbursement, responsibilities of the client, termination, software compatibility, medical billing service responsibilities, etc.

Contents of the Billing Services Agreement

The first point in any consulting services agreement billing is the scope of the work. Here the agreement mentions certain services to be expected from the billing services firm, and the firm should identify whether the services come within their scope. The next clause involves a detailed explanation of the services provided by the agreement. The third thing is the representations and warranties.

Term and termination clause is another important clause where the contract explains the right for the billing services firm to terminate the agreement based on certain conditions and the same for the business that hires the billing services. Both parties allowed terminating the contract within certain days countable after signing the agreement.

The next clause is confidentiality and non-disclosure clause. This clause mentions that certain confidential information to be shared with the billing services firm by business has to be maintained secretly under a certain period.

Some contract also includes the dispute resolution clauses. This is to avoid any disputes between the parties in the future, along with the solution if a dispute arises. Though the parties maintain a good and mutual relationship at initial stages, some disputes may arise later due to some misunderstanding or change in attitude.

The final clause, which is crucial for the bulling services firm, is the compensation or fee paid for the service provider. When coming to this clause, hiring a legal attorney will help you to negotiate the payments according to your market values.

How to draft the Billing Services Agreement?

To draft this agreement, have a look at the agreement sample form where you can make certain changes and use it as your billing services contract. Simply, you can just customize the sample form available on the internet. You should also remember certain points while drafting the agreement, such as using simple formats, avoiding the unnecessary details in the agreement, using the professional terms, highlighting the purpose of the agreement, and finally checking the mistakes involved in it. A legal attorney serves the best to proofread your agreement to avoid any mistakes in the legal and permanent document.

Negotiation Strategy

Before negotiating the payment terms, the billing services firm should understand the terms, compensation, reimbursement rates, the period of the agreement, etc. You should also know your market values before negotiating the business party. As the agreement acts as proof for getting your payments from the business party, check and fix the compensation terms carefully with the help of an attorney.

Benefits & Drawbacks of the Billing Services Agreement


  • The simple format of the agreement is easy to understand by the parties
  • The agreement allows the parties to quit the contract within a certain period or some number of days
  • The agreement does not allow both parties to depend on each other, as both parties work independently. So the service provider is not an employee but an independent contractor of the business party
  • The contract explains the scope of work that helps the service provider to understand the services expected from his side
  • The contract includes various clauses to avoid any disputes between parties in the future


Sometimes, the service provider may suddenly breach or terminate the contract, which indirectly affects the business.

What Happens in Case of Violation?

According to the various agreements, the legal actions or punishments vary when any one of the parties breaches the agreement. In most cases, they are sentenced by law, and further actions are taken by the court. The agreement also mentions breach of the contract and the actions taken for it.

A billing services agreement is crucial, as it outlines the various services provided by the billing services firm, compensation or fees paid for their service, and other pertinent information. The agreement is so simple and doesn’t obligate the service provider if they want to terminate their services within a certain period since it defines the roles and responsibilities, pricing, terms, the scope of services, etc. This agreement considered to be an important document for many professionals in the same field.