“Our Agreement Templates offer you the best services in debt, credit, and collateral through years of legal experience, and a comprehensive compendium of business knowledge.”

Why Do You Need Banking and Finance Agreements?

As your business continues to grow, you’ll need to employ more funds. These funds need not just be for long-term capital needs. They could be for working capital needs as well. However, there is a cost to using these funds. The ROI not only depends on the revenue generated through those funds but the terms on which the funds have been borrowed.

The moment you initiate discussions for borrowings, you need agreements that protect all your interests. Since we are dealing with significant outflows over a super-long term, your expectations from the contract must be higher than the obligations of the agreement. You can’t leave drafting an agreement to vicissitudes. Ubiquity is essential to understand what the other parties aim to get out of it.

“Your agreements should balance your expected revenue with the cost of funds and other fixed obligations.”

Our agreement templates combine years of experience in drafting all financial agreements with a wealth of legal knowledge that promise to deliver your interests without losing on the deal. When you buy our templates, you don’t have to worry about the fine print or performance obligations. It’s alright. It’s natural. We offer the best quality so that you can focus on clinching that deal.

Why Are Financial and Fund-related Agreements Important?

Financial agreements such as security agreements, credit agreements, debt agreements, and loan agreements outline the description of the funds being provided. Specificity is essential in writing up these contracts.

Equity agreements outline the mode of interest calculation, payment deadlines, and methods, restrictions on utilization, and convertibility, among others. If you don’t exercise due care, any activity not mentioned in the fine print could amount to a breach of contract.

“When high and volatile risks are involved, you can’t afford to be lax. When you buy our templates, you can be assured that all your interests are protected.”

Our agreement templates have been drafted by industry experts with profound knowledge of finance, banking, and equity, and debt. We combine that with a comprehensive compendium of legal expertise we have acquired over the years so that your focus can be on building stakeholder relationships.

After you have clinched that deal, you can rely on the templates you have bought from us to reduce the efforts you have to put into the legal technicalities of the relationship.

We offer a bundle of templates that cover the full scope of finance, equity, and banking. You can purchase the entire bundle for use. If you need individual templates, we also offer that so you don’t have to look anywhere else. Our product package includes:

  • Business debts including indemnification and pledge, credit, share, and debenture pledge, equity, and debt conversion, and asset assignment, subordinated notes and trust deed, assumption, modification, and consolidation agreements, floating pledge and guarantee cooperation, and foreign pledge and bankruptcy agreements
  • Debt and Loan agreement templates including restructuring agreements, financing and debt restructuring including master debt restructuring, debt settlement and subscription, and convertible debt unit pledge agreements
  • Credit Agreements including term credit, administrative credit services, amended and restated credit, support and pledge, inter-creditor and multi-currency contracts, and revolving credit arrangements
  • Loan agreement templates including acquisition and construction loans including cost reimbursement, bridge, and business loans, convertible loans, development and receivables loan management, eleventh amendment and loan waiver, incremental loan and security agreements, second loan modification, secured demand, and term loan, sixth restated loans and subordinated loans, syndicated term loan agreements, and RMB liquid fund loan contracts
  • Collaterals including commercial collateral notes, revolving credit, assignment and sinking funds, cash collateral and disbursement, credit line, and construction DoT, cross-collateralization and guarantees, split-dollar insurance, account, agency, and inter-creditor agreements, patent collateral among a comprehensive list of other templates
  • Security agreements including mortgage and security arrangements, credit, guarantee, security, and pledge agreements, custodial pledge and security, and financing and security agreements.

When you buy our templates, you’ll have all the clauses and terms that you need to restructure your stakeholder relationships. Our products have T&Cs that have been written by SMEs and traffic-light reviewed by peers.

Instead of spending valuable staff-hours on drafting agreements you’re not sure of, purchase our templates at an affordable cost. When high stakes and volatile risks are involved, you can’t afford to be lax

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  1. Indemnification and Pledge Agreement
  2. Amended and Restated pledge Agreement
  3. Credit and Share Pledge Agreement
  4. Debenture Pledge agreement
  5. Equity Conversion Note Agreement
  6. Assignment of Liquid Collateral Agreement
  7. Subscription Agreement
  8. Corporate Governance Agreement
  9. Continuing Disclosure Undertaking Agreement
  10. Debenture Conversion Agreement
  11. Deed of Trust Agreement
  12. Debenture Agreement
  13. Subordinated Notes
  14. Pledge Agreement
  15. Assumption Agreement
  16. Modification and Consolidation Agreement
  17. Equity Pledge Agreement
  18. Acknowledgement and Pledge Agreement
  19. Floating Pledge Agreement
  20. Guaranty Cooperation Agreement
  21. First Tier Subsidiary pledge Agreement
  22. Foreign Pledge Agreement
  23. Foreign Subsidiary Pledge Agreement
  24. Foreign Subsidiary Stock pledge Agreement
  25. Conversion Agreement
  26. Consumer Pledge Agreement
  27. Note agreement
  28. Bankruptcy Agreement
  1. Debt Restructuring Agreement
  2. Debt Restructuring Letter Agreement
  3. Master Debt Restructuring Agreement
  4. Financing and Debt Restructuring Agreement
  5. Debt Settlement And Subscription Agreement
  6. Agreement For Debt Restructuring
  7. Convertible Debt Unit Pledge Agreement
  1. 364-Day Credit Agreement
  2. Administrative Credit Services Agreement
  3. Amended and Restated Credit Agreements
  4. Credit Agreement
  5. Credit Support And Pledge Agreement
  6. Facility Credit Agreement
  7. Five Year Credit Agreement
  8. Intercreditor Agreement
  9. Multi Currency Credit Agreement
  10. Revolving Credit Agreement
  1. Acquisition And Construction
  2. Cost Reimbursement Loan Agreement
  3. Acquisition and construction Loan Agreement
  4. Amended & Restated Construction Loan Agreement
  5. Bridge Loan Agreement
  6. Business Loan Agreement
  7. Convertible Loan Agreement
  8. Development And Receivables Loan Agreement
  9. Eleventh Amendment and Waiver to Loan Agreement
  10. Esop Loan And Pledge Agreement
  11. Forbearance and Loan Restructuring Agreement
  12. Incremental Loan Agreement
  13. Loan Agreement
  14. Loan and Security Agreement
  15. Second Loan Modification Agreement
  16. Secured Demand Loan Facility
  17. Secured Term Loan Agreement
  18. Sixth Restated loan agreement
  19. Subordinated Loan Agreement
  20. Syndicated Term Loan Agreement
  21. Term Loan Credit Agreement
  22. RMB Liquid Fund Loan Contract
  1. Collateral Mortgage and Modification and Consolidation Agreement
  2. Commercial Collateral Note Agreement
  3. Commodity Collateral Revolving Credit Agreement
  4. Security and Collateral Agency Agreement
  5. Collateral Assignment of Trademarks Agreement
  6. Sinking Fund Collateral Account and Pledge Agreement
  7. Cash Collateral Agreement
  8. Cash Collateral and Disbursement Agreement
  9. Credit Line And Construction Deed of Trust Agreement
  10. Cross-Collateralization Agreement
  11. Guarantee and Collateral Agreement
  12. General Loan and Collateral Agreement
  13. Collateral Assignment Split Dollar Insurance Agreement
  14. Shared Collateral Pledge and Security agreement
  15. Cash Collateral Pledge Agreement
  16. Collateral Account Agreement
  17. Collateral Agency Agreement
  18. Collateral Agency and Inter-Creditor agreement
  19. Collateral Agreement
  20. Collateral Assignment Agreement
  21. Collateral Safekeeping Agreement
  22. Collateral Trust Agreement
  23. Cross Collateralization Agreement
  24. Cross Collateralization Cross Default Agreement
  25. Intercreditor and Collateral Agency Agreement
  26. Patent Collateral Agreement
  27. Supplement to Collateral Agreement
  28. US Collateral and Guaranty Agreement
  29. Agreement to transfer collateral and restructure loan
  30. Patent and Trademark Collateral Assignment
  31. Trademark Collateral Agreement
  32. Collateral Assignment of Lease Agreement
  33. Collateral Security Agreement
  34. Copyright Collateral Agreement
  35. Fifth Amendment Waiver and Collateral Release
  36. Fixed Asset Revolving Facility Guarantee and Collateral Agreement
  37. Notification of Disposition of Collateral Agreement
  38. Promissory Note with Collateral Agreement
  39. Shared Collateral Pledge agreement
  40. Surrender of Collateral Agreement
  41. Split Dollar Collateral Agreement
  42. Collateral Agent Agreement
  1. Aircraft Mortgage and Security Agreement
  2. Credit, Guaranty, Security And Pledge Agreement
  3. Custodial Pledge and Security Agreement
  4. Financing and Security Agreement
  5. Security Agreement

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