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Articulation Agreement

An articulation agreement is an academic contract which is being signed between students of junior college and the authority for the purpose of receiving higher degrees by getting a transfer to another colleges and universities offering higher educational degree courses. This kind of an agreement helps a student to relocate from one university to another with the course option of their choice. On implementation of this agreement, few students are immediately accepted if there is high compatibility between the certain programs that has been opted. However, most of the colleges does not accept the students easily and thus for this case the particular student is subjected to various conditions before finalizing the document.

The main objective of an articulate agreement is to increase the count of students who are interested and desirous to earn higher degrees on their preferable subjects. Apart from this, there is countless number of advantages of this agreement both for the student and for the college authority. Some of the significant ones are as follows:

  • This helps the student to transfer their credits earned at junior or community colleges to the university or higher colleges.
  • This helps in developing the partnership between the colleges and universities.
  • This encourages students of community or junior colleges to pursue their higher education ahead and help them to get admitted in repute colleges of the country.

All these advantages could only be achieved through a well documentation of the agreement. It should be devised with certain lineation so that it specifies all the requirements in details and hence help a student to understand what criteria of his or her would sync with the conditions stated. Points that have to be ensured while drafting an articulation agreement is as enlisted:

  • Specify the stipulated conditions on the agreement after going through a thorough discussion with the other college or university involved. This would help to design a potential document adhering to the laws of American jurisdiction.
  • State all the terms and conditions clearly so that it helps the authorities involved to understand the conditions that a student has to abide by.
  • A well formulated articulation agreement is specific in nature and defines all the stipulated lineation of requirements appropriately so as to depict a clear picture of the contract.
  • The provision for authorization has to be made so that it could serve as a piece of evidence in case of future need.