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Ambassador Terms and Conditions Agreement

A Brief Introduction About Ambassador Terms and Conditions Agreement

The Ambassador Terms and Conditions Agreement is drafted between a marketer and a content creator for marketing the company’s products or services. In return, they might get some incentive or compensation. The terms include duration, products, benefits, and termination.

Who Takes the Ambassador Terms and Conditions Agreement?

This agreement is drafted between an individual and any company or brand. The two parties involved in this agreement will follow specific terms and conditions regarding the promotion of certain products.

Purpose of the Ambassador Terms and Conditions Agreement

The main purpose of ambassador terms and condition agreement is to legally bind the two parties in a written document. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the applicant’s relationship with the company. The main purpose of this agreement is to market the company’s products and services through a content creator or an influencer. For that purpose, this agreement is also called an influencer agreement.

Contents of the Ambassador Terms and Conditions Agreement

A standard brand Ambassador contract template includes the following terms:

  • Acknowledgment of eligibility for business as per the country’s laws
  • Acknowledgement of absence of affiliation with the company in any form
  • Promotion strategies and frequency of promotion through social media, ad campaigns, or other means
  • Promote the products that the company will send to the influencer or content creator
  • Create engagement through means such as hashtags and social media tags
  • Compensation – monetary and non-monetary
  • Terms of recognising sales made through the influencer
  • Confidentiality clauses with regarding benefits provided by the company
  • Termination of the engagement and the process for doing so
  • Governing laws
  • Jurisdiction
  • There will be no modification of this contract unless otherwise executed in writing
  • Brand Ambassador hereby irrevocably waives any and all right to inspect and/or approve Company’s use of the work

How to Draft the Ambassador Terms and Conditions Agreement?

When drafting a brand ambassador terms and conditions agreement form, some points to keep in mind are:

  • What sort of compensation would be provided to the brand ambassador
  • The frequency of marketing that the ambassador would do
  • Restrictions on the ambassador on activities related to the brand or company
  • Waivers of ownership, representation or other agency relationships.
  • Sales that will be attributed to the influencer
  • Renewal of contract or extension of term period
  • Whether the project is only for a short term or for a long term

Negotiation Strategy

The parties would negotiate on the compensation that would be paid to the influencer and what form will this compensation take. Some brands refuse to pay any monetary compensation and instead give gift cards to use within a certain amount of time. The other negotiation will be about the frequency of marketing — how many times will the influencer have to post on social media, what sort of tags does he have to do, what form of marketing should he do etc.

Pros and Cons of the Ambassador Terms and Conditions Agreement


  • Companies can leverage brand ambassadors’ popularity for selling their products
  • Companies can sell more by tying up with the influencers
  • Ambassadors can earn more income by representing the brand
  • By associating themselves with a brand, both the brand and the ambassador will develop goodwill
  • It can help boost the company’s awareness in newer markets and lesser known regions


  • It reduces flexibility by creating extra administrative work
  • In involves many complex legal terms and so it is not easy to draft
  • There can be possibilities of overshadowing the brand
  • Ambassador’s activities not related to brand marketing could also impact the brand he’s associated with and ruin the goodwill of the company.

What Happens in Case of Violation?

One should always consider all the terms and conditions for the ambassador program and if a party violates any type of term or condition, then the other party can file for breach of contract. In such cases, one party has to bear all the losses that the party suffers due to the violation. Parties might file for specific performance or injunctive relief in case of a breach. Effective immediately after the breach, all forms of marketing would be terminated and the company would decide what to do with the merchandise available with the influencer

Ambassador Terms and Conditions Agreement can be a tremendously powerful resource when appropriately used as part of a whole and well-judged wider marketing strategy for the goodwill of the company and for boosting the influencer’s reach

Sample for Ambassador Terms and Conditions Agreement

Ambassador Terms and Conditions Agreement

Ambassador Terms and Conditions Agreement

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