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Wyoming Lease Agreement

May 3, 2012 by agri in Lease agreements with 0 Comments
A Wyoming lease is governed by the Wyoming Landlord Tenant Act which protects the rights of the landlord and the tenant regarding a leased property. A formal lease helps to lay down the terms and conditions to be followed by both parties so that there is no confusion later and the leased premises is well-maintained. In Wyoming, the landlord can charge any amount as security deposit and he must pay it back to the tenant within 30 days of termination of the lease.

The tenant must make sure that he keeps the premises clean, remove the garbage regularly, use the appliances carefully and inform the landlord in case there is any damage to the property. He must not disturb the peace of the neighbors and pay the rent on time or he will be evicted after being given an advanced notice. The landlord must make sure that the property is in a habitable condition and the unit has both hot and cold running water.

Sample Wyoming Lease Agreement

Wyoming Lease Agreement

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