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West Virginia Lease Agreement

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A West Virginia lease is a lease document signed by the owner of a property in West Virginia who is leasing the premises to a tenant in return for a rent amount for a specific period of time. By creating a formal lease agreement, both parties agree to certain rules and regulations which help to protect the rights and lays down the responsibilities of the tenant and the landlord with reference to the leased property.

In West Virginia, even if there is any major damage to the property, the tenant need not pay for the repairs if he did not cause it directly. The landlord must have a valid reason to evict the tenant and to do so he must give at least a month’s advance notice. No tenant can be discriminated on the basis of his race, color, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender or nationality. The tenant must pay the rent on time and follow all the housing rules written in the lease document.

Sample West Virginia Lease Agreement

West Virginia Lease Agreement

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