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Warrant Exercise and Note Conversion Agreement

October 3, 2013 by agri in Business Agreements with 0 Comments

A Warrant Exercise and Conversion Agreement is an agreement between two parties where the holder of the warranties exercises it in order to convert it to other security. This agreement is set for conversion of warrants to other forms as requested by the party, pursuant to the terms of the notes and warrant purchase agreement. The holders exercising details are followed as per this agreement.

The agreement lists out the clauses in the previous agreement, exercise period, Exercise price, exercise shares etc. It further lists about the payment terms involved in the conversion, net exercise, representation of holders etc. It specifies about covenants of the company, covenants to exercise the shares, securities etc.

The agreement includes some essential details such as names and addresses of the parties, date of agreement, type of securities, terms and conditions, Details of the stock, disposition of the warrants and shares, obligations etc. The agreement has to be duly signed by the parties involved under a witness in accordance to the specified terms and conditions therein at the end.

Warrant Exercise and Note Conversion Agreement

Warrant Exercise and Note Conversion Agreement

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