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Warrant Agreement

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A warrant agreement lays down the terms and conditions which an investor has to follow in order to have the right to buy additional securities of the issuer. The various conditions referred in a warrant agreement include covenants, transferability, various exercise terms and the representation of the holders. It is thus a formal document present with a security that gives the holder the right to buy more number of shares of the same security at a specific price at a particular date. In order to find out the warrant’s value, the terms of the warrant agreement must be read as each warrant is different.

A warrant agreement is thus a formal statement of the terms of a warrant issue. These important terms help financial analysts but they can be confusing to ordinary investors because of the technical nature of the information. It is similar to options agreement as both are contractual financial instruments that help the holder to get special rights while buying securities.

Sample Warrant Agreement

Warrant Agreement

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