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A waiver is type of formal document where one waives or gives up the right or claim to something voluntarily. A waiver is also called a disclaimer, releases, exculpatory clauses and so on. When verifying a waiver, a court looks for certain points to judge its authenticity: A waiver must be made when a person is aware of the effects of the waiver and is doing so voluntarily; in some places, the parties to the waiver must have equal bargaining power; the waiver should be written in such a way that it is clear and to the point.

Waivers are usually written in the form of letters where one often asks the receiver to waive any restriction imposed on him regarding his involvement with any event. There can be many other types of waivers where educational institutes waive the tuition fees of some meritorious students or it can be requested in the military to waive certain criteria required to join the armed forces.

Sample Waiver Agreement

Waiver Agreement

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