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Virginia Lease Agreement

May 3, 2012 by agri in Lease agreements with 0 Comments
A Virginia lease refers to a lease agreement created between a tenant and the owner of a property in the state of Virginia which defines the rules and regulations to be followed by both parties and the rights and responsibilities they have as related to the lease. In America, the lease laws are governed by individual states so every state has its own lease terms which are incorporated in the agreement. In Virginia, the landlord cannot charge a security deposit higher than a month’s rent and the amount must be returned to the tenant within 20 days of the end of the lease period.

The tenant must pay the rent on time and notify the landlord in case there are any major repairs to be done on the premises. If the landlord does not take action within three weeks, the tenant can terminate the tenancy. The landlord can also end the lease before the term if the tenant does not pay the rent on time and can evict him.

Sample Virginia Lease Agreement

Virginia Lease Agreement

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