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Trust Agreement

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A trust agreement is a document being executed in the real estate business. The legal document contains essential information about the management of a person’s assets. Depending upon the life situation of the person, the trust agreement can be of two types. One is the living and another is testamentary trust agreement. The living form is created and becomes active while the person or the asset holder is alive. But the testamentary agreement will only be active after the death of the person.

The trust agreements can also be classified into revocable and irrevocable. The creator can terminate the revocable agreement at any time, while terminating the irrevocable agreement will require the permission from the trustees. With the irrevocable trust agreements, the assets can be protected from the creditors and certain taxes could be avoided. The trust agreements outline information’s such as the purpose, the details of both the parties and the rules regarding when the trustees will be allowed to assess the property of the trust.

Trust Agreement

Trust Agreement

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