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Trademark Assignment Agreement

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A trademark assignment agreement is the process by which a company is assigned a trademark, meaning, a unique logo or symbol used by a person or business organization to denote a product or service so that customers can identify it and associate it exclusively with the entity. Every country has an official body which is responsible for assigning trademarks; in America the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) undertakes responsibility of trademark assignment and transfer.

The USPTO rolls the process of transferring the ownership rights of a trademark from one person or organization to another. The assignment may be limited to a particular region in the country or may be encompass all the states. Once a company or individual has been assigned a particular trademark, he alone has the legal right to use the trademark and the agreement prevents any other organization from using or selling anything associated with it. The name and other details of the assignee must be clearly mentioned in the agreement.

Sample Trademark Assignment Agreement

Trademark Assignment Agreement

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