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The Zeroport Advertising Agreement

January 17, 2013 by agribusiness in Service Agreements with 0 Comments
The Zeroport advertising agreement is a service agreement between NetZero Inc. and Idealab Inc…Here Idealab Inc. is a buyer and NetZero is an internet service provider which provides the free dial-up internet access to the subscribers. The agreement is named so because it is a copyright obtained by the NetZero Inc. for the pop-up advertising windows. This Zeroport window is displayed while the subscribers connect to the NetZero service.

The main sections of the Zeroport advertising agreement include information’s such as the purpose of the agreement, the buyer’s delivery obligations, the impression delivery, the payment terms, reporting and audit rights, representations and warranties, liability limitations, indemnification and infringement remedies , confidentiality obligations and the termination clauses etc. The agreement outlines the information about the services being provided by NetZero Inc. such as the number of advertisements that would be displayed during the single subscriber sessions of the buyer, the list of URL’s to be provided to the buyers, the total amount that the buyer has to pay in gross to NetZero Inc. etc.

The Zeroport Advertising Agreement

The Zeroport Advertising Agreement


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