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Termination Agreement

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Different types of agreement forms are being signed at various levels of the business organizations. For example, agreements are signed between the business partners. Agreements are signed between the employees and the employers. Organizations and contactors also sign agreement in context of providing certain services. These service agreements are basically the laws set forth by the business leaders or the governmental organizations, and are being signed by parties on mutual understanding between both of them. There are also clauses present in those agreements for the termination at any point of time, in future.

The termination agreements are thus the legal agreements which can be used by any of the two parties to terminate the service contract, based on the terms and conditions set forth earlier. For example, an employee may opt for a termination agreement when s/he decides to leave the organization, in which s/he is working currently. A business organization uses the termination agreement to terminate the service contract with the contractor due to the lack of quality service.

Termination Agreement

Termination Agreement

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