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Strategic roaming agreement

January 14, 2013 by agribusiness in Service Agreements with 0 Comments

A strategic roaming agreement is legal pact between two mobile phone telephony service providers wherein both the companies agree to allow their respective subscribers to be able to send and receive calls when the subscribers move into their respective service area from the home network.

In other words the companies enter into roaming agreement and allow access to their respective networks when the subscriber is roaming outside the home network. The service is called anywhere facility or roaming facility and a strategic roaming agreement legally documents the agreed upon terms and conditions between the two companies. The terms and conditions entered in this agreement may include clause such as the availability of network to the users when on roaming, the revenue sharing arrangement and the charges the users will have to pay for availing service such as incoming or outgoing calls, GPS, SMS etc., the time duration for the agreement, dispute resolution mechanism etc.

Strategic roaming agreement

Strategic roaming agreement


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