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Stonebridge Associates Agreement

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Stonebridge Associates LLC is a leading financial advisory and consultancy firm in USA and is involved in advising many large corporations in the country. Stonebridge associates agreement is legal contract which is enacted between Stonebridge and any corporation desirous of availing the services of this financial advisory firm.

The agreement provides in detail all the terms and conditions under which the association takes place, the time duration for which the agreement is valid, the services to be rendered by Stonebridge in detail, the fess to be paid, the mod of payment and timeline for fee payment, responsibility of any loss arising out of this dealing, rights of both the business entities, legal remedies available to both the parties in case of a dispute and other general terms and conditions such as confidentiality and indemnity clause. Under this agreement Stonebridge is obligated to be a partner in growth of the company and put in all efforts necessary for the success of the organization.

Stonebridge Associates Agreement

Stonebridge Associates Agreement


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