Purchase Agreements

Stock Purchase Agreement

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A stock purchase agreement is a legal agreementwhich regulates the sale and transfer of stocks between two entities out of which one is the purchaser of certain stocksand the second entity is the seller for those stocks.While giving shape to a stock transaction both the entities should aim at documenting the complete details of the sale process coupled with the guidelinesand rights of each group.

A well-researched and drafted stock purchase agreement would contain the complete detail of the transaction such as thevolume of shares being sold, the sale price and the premium at which the sale is taking place, mode and duration in which the transaction would be completed, rights of each party such as right to non-compete, subscription rights, right to first offer, inspection and voting rights etc. It also aims at describing the redemption procedure of the stocks in event of the stockholder goes bankrupt, retires, resigns or dies.

Stock Purchase Agreement

Stock Purchase Agreement


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