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Software License and Maintenance Agreement

January 7, 2013 by agribusiness in Licence Agreements with 0 Comments
A software license and maintenance agreement is a legal contract enacted between the software seller and purchaser in which the seller not only licenses the purchaser to use the software but also undertakes to perform regular maintenance work for a stipulated period of time.

This agreement is generally done in case of big ticket clients such as large corporations and government authorities and the maintenance work may involve regular offsite or onsite health checkups, training the purchaser’s staff to handle routine issues, regular backup activities, disaster recovery drills etc. A well drafted software license and maintenance license should consist of all important clause such as the details of software purchased, the rights and privileges being granted under the software license, points of violation, the terms and conditions of maintenance, the fees to be paid for maintenance, the time period of the maintenance contract, whether maintenance would be offsite or onsite, the manpower to be deployed, the disaster recovery procedures etc.

Software License and Maintenance Agreement

Software License and Maintenance Agreement


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