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Software License Agreement

January 7, 2013 by agribusiness in Licence Agreements with 0 Comments

A software license agreement is a legal license contract between the software company and its purchaser wherein the manufacturer grants specific rights to the user with respect to usage of the particular software. Many a software companies have created automated digital license agreements for their users which appear before the installation starts and the user needs to accept the same before the installation of the software on his or her computer.

A software license agreement generally consists of the terms and conditions of the use of license, the rights with respect to selling, redistribution, commercial usage, any license fee or royalty applicable, clause to hold the company harmless in case of any issue with the software or damage to user’s computer or data and other general terms and conditions. Specific license agreements with large corporations or authorities may be customized to inculcate some negotiated terms and conditions, support contracts and specially drafted warranties.

Software License Agreement

Software License Agreement


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