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Sixth Restated loan agreement

January 7, 2013 by agribusiness in Financial Agreements with 0 Comments
A sixth restated loan agreement is the process of restating the loan contract wherein changes are made to basic structure of the loan contract the sixth time and this new contract supersede all previous loan agreements and arrangements between the respective borrower and lender.

The need to restate the agreement generally arises when there is some major change in the basic preamble of the agreement such as lender selling all right and equity to some other business entity and the new entity enters the loan agreement or some other restructuring exercise taking place. A sixth restated loan agreement should clearly detail on all the previous agreements entered into with specific dates and the new changes being made in this restatement, the new terms and conditions, the outstanding loan amount, the repayment plan and period, the further possibility of an amendment or restatement. Apart from this all penalty clauses and outcomes in case of default of loan should also be mentioned in the restated contract.

Sixth Restated Loan Agreement

Sixth Restated Loan Agreement


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