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Share Purchase Agreement

January 3, 2013 by agribusiness in Purchase Agreements with 0 Comments
A share purchase agreement is a legal contract enacted between two parties out of which one is the buyer of certain stocks or shares and other party is the seller for the same set of shares.   While carrying out a stock transaction both investor and the entity selling the stocks looks towards recording the transaction along with documenting the rulesand rights applicable to each party.

A well-articulated share purchase agreement apart from recording the Nitti and gritty of the transaction such as the amount of stocks sale, the share sale price and mode and timeline of payment also details on the rights available to both the entities such as right to non-compete, subscription rights, right to first offer, inspection and voting rights etc. In some cases it also covers the mechanism for redemption of the stocks in event the stockholder goes bankrupt, resigns, retires or dies. In short this agreement is a tool to regulate the sale and transfer of shares not only for small or closely knit organization but also large multinational companies.

Share Purchase Agreement

Share Purchase Agreement


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