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Restructuring Agreement

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Restructuring is the process adopted by a public limited or a private limited company whenever they are facing any problem related to cash flow in order to reduce their debts and restore liquidity. In such cases a document drafted between the organization referred to as the borrower and another party referred to as the creditor is known as a restructuring agreement.

The details usually mentioned in a restructuring agreement are as follows:

  1. Details of both the parties entering into the contract that is their name and office address.
  2. The law under which the agreement is being drafted.
  3. The exact reason for which the agreement is being drafted.
  4. The process in which the restructuring is going to be done.
  5. The details to be submitted by the borrower that include resolution of the board, justification, projected income statement and cash flow and also post dated checks.
  6. The repayment surcharge percentage.
Restructuring Agreement

Restructuring Agreement

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