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Promissory Note Conversion Agreement

August 27, 2013 by agri in personal Agreements with 0 Comments

A Promissory note conversion agreement is an agreement between two parties, referred to as company and promissory note-holder. The primary purpose of the agreement is to convert the entire outstanding amount under the Note into shares of company on the behest of the promissory note holder. The conversion takes place on the value per share as specified in the agreement. In this agreement both the parties agree upon the rate of interest, payment terms and duration of payment. The agreement specifies the note-holder’s access to the company documents, finance, investment details, prospects, share details, risks involved in the company, etc.

The agreement shall also include some essential details such as name and addresses of the parties, date of agreement, terms and conditions of the note holders, financial condition, investment details, prior experience of the company etc. The agreement has to be duly signed by the parties involved at the end.

Promissory Note Conversion Agreement

Promissory Note Conversion Agreement

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