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Pre Construction Management Services Agreement

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A pre construction management services agreement is one which is entered into between the owner or builder of a property and a management candidate. The primary objective of this agreement is to avail the managerial services of the candidate to supervise the activities of construction before commencement of the construction activity. The agreement provides for all the terms and conditions that are agreed upon by both the parties mutually.

Some of the elements that are essentially included in the agreement are name, address and contact number of the management services candidate, terms of service, compensation to the manager candidate, term of service, timings of service, additional services rendered if any, reimbursable expenses, consultancy charges, professional liabilities as a construction manager etc. the agreement has to be signed by the construction manager in compliance to the terms and conditions specified in it along with date and place at the end of the agreement.

Pre Construction Management Services Agreement

Pre Construction Management Services Agreement

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