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Pre Construction IRU Agreement

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An IRU agreement is also known as an indefeasible right of use agreement, signed usually between contractors of fiber optics or submarine communications cable. This agreement document is usually signed after the bandwidth of the communication system has been agreed on. The terms and conditions of the Pre Construction IRU agreement has to be studied closely and the penalties that can be imposed on one in case of a violation of allocated bandwidth must also be understood.

IRU can also be purchased from an already existing owner in which case the preconstruction IRU agreement must be tweaked a little bit. The document must be lucid and easy to understand and it should also outline the kind of construction that will be done in order to make communication effective. The document is an important one and is usually drafted under enormous legal and political supervision. The IRU user can uncontrollably use the rights granted by the IRU owner for a certain period of time.

Pre Construction IRU Agreement

Pre Construction IRU Agreement

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