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Operational Services Agreement

November 26, 2012 by agribusiness in Service Agreements with 0 Comments
An operational services agreement is an agreement which is made between an operational service provider and a company which uses the services of the service provider. These agreements are made in the case when the client requires certain operational service work to be done and hires the service provider by paying a certain predefined amount of money. These agreements are generally time bound and are enforceable by law. This means that if any of the terms and conditions mentioned in these agreements is violated by any of the parties, then that party has to face legal actions.

An operational services agreement consists of details like the names of the involved parties, their titles, addresses, phone numbers, the clauses of the service agreement and the important dates of the agreement such as the commencement date and the termination date. Any such agreement makes it mandatory for the service provider to offer services as per the directions of the client.

Operational Services Agreement

Operational Services Agreement

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