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Master Hp Partner Agreement

December 6, 2012 by agribusiness in Business Agreements with 0 Comments
A master HP partner agreement is one that is entered into by HP Company to associate with a company in partnership. The main purpose of this agreement is to allow the other company to function as a subsidiary of HP. This partner agreement entered into by HP with another company permits the other company to buy, sell or resell the products and services provided by HP Company.

The agreement brings in a mutually beneficial relationship for both the partners on account of expanded benefits which are widespread. The master HP agreement is a generalized agreement that provides an offer to the companies at large for entering into a partnership deal.

As the nature of Master HP partner agreement is general in nature, the company that wishes to avail of this partnership deal should enter into a specific local implementation agreement subsequently. The agreement specifies all the terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled by the other company in order to become a partner of HP Company.

Master Hp Partner Agreement

Master Hp Partner Agreement

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