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International Reseller Agreement

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An International Reseller agreement is a formal agreement document which is drafted in the case when a manufacturer gives the right of reselling a certain commodity or service to a person or party who is called as the ‘reseller’. Any such agreement is made between the parties based in different countries and hence the term ‘international’ is used.

Any international reseller agreement is made when the reseller buys the right to sell something after purchasing it from the manufacturer and does not consume or use it for himself. A good example of this can be the telecommunication business where resellers buy talk time from the manufacture and sell it to other individuals. Any such agreement is based upon certain legally implacable terms and conditions which must be abided by both the parties involved so as to avoid any sought of action taken against them. An international reseller agreement is used in many different cases and backgrounds.

International Reseller Agreement

International Reseller Agreement

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