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Interactive Advertising Agreement

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An interactive advertising agreement is that type of an agreement which is made by an advertiser and a client who wishes to advertise his/her company, products, services or any other owned entity. Any such agreement is basically formed so that the client can direct the advertising company or advertiser to help promote the entity owned him/her by the means of interactive advertising. An interactive advertising agreement lays down all those clauses under which both the client and the advertising company are expected to act while the agreement term is effective.

Any interactive advertising agreement has legal consequences which means that if a party disobeys any of the clauses or terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement document, then it might have to face legal ramifications. An agreement of this type may also consist of the details of the parties, their contact numbers, addresses, names, titles etc as well as the details of the amount to be paid by client to advertising company.

Interactive Advertising Agreement

Interactive Advertising Agreement

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