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Infoseek Corporation Advertising Agreement

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An Infoseek corporation advertising agreement is one that is entered into by Infoseek Company with a third party for the appointment as an advertising agency. The Infoseek Company engages the agency services of another company for performing the advertising activities on its behalf.

The agreement gives authority to the third party company for acting as an agent legally for conducting advertising activities on behalf of Infoseek Corporation.  As part of the agreement Infoseek Company also authorizes the third party company to engage in market research for better understanding of advertising needs. The agreement sets forth the various rights and duties to be performed by the third party company during the tenure of agreement.

The agreement even lays down a schedule of the cots that are allocated to the advertising activities and the periodical release of the same to the third party company. Lastly the agreement provides for the various modes of termination of the agreement along with the conditions for the same.

Infoseek Corporation Advertising Agreement

Infoseek Corporation Advertising Agreement

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