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Illinois Lease Agreement

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An Illinois lease refers to a lease agreement created between the landlord and the tenant in the state of Illinois, US. Although the basic rules and regulations and points to be mentioned in the Illinois lease is similar to any other lease agreement, still some states may have certain extra or different rules applicable in the state. There can be period lease where the lease is automatically renewed at the end of the term if no one terminates it or a definite term lease where the agreement stands only for a specific period.

According to Illinois law, a person renting the property for a year must give at least 60 days notice to the landlord. Under Illinois law, a landlord may have to face charges of criminal housing management if he fails to maintain the house to the point that it is actually detrimental to the health and safety of the tenant. The landlord must bring in lawsuit to evict the tenant and cannot do so forcibly.

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Illinois Lease Agreement

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