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Granite Construction Agreement

May 2, 2013 by agri in Construction Agreements with 0 Comments
Granite Construction Agreement outlines the activities that are performed by the Granite Construction, to another company that wants to unite in partnership for the purpose of obtaining mutual benefits in business. Granite Construction Agreement states the terms and conditions that need to be adhered to by both the companies. According to the agreement, both the parties have to make their payments or delivery in the manner and time specified in the agreement. The parties may change their account for receiving their payments or delivery.

Granite Construction Agreement states all the rules and regulations that are to be followed by the parties involved in the agreement. The agreement will permit the parties to make their payments or deliveries either prior to the date discussed or in case of further obligation can be paid on a date that both the parties agree to. Any violation of the rules stated in the agreement can be taken legally punishable by either of the parties.

Granite Construction Agreement

Granite Construction Agreement

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