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Fifth Amendment Waiver and Collateral Release

October 5, 2012 by agribusiness in Legal Agreements with 0 Comments
The Fifth Amendment waiver and collateral release is a legal agreement which binds a lender and the borrower in a new relationship pertaining to the release of the collateral and settlement of loan completely.  This ends up the borrower and lender relationship, but this relationship does not end with full and final instalment payment, but by liquefying the collateral.

As per this agreement, the borrower instead of paying back the due loan amount liquefies its assets in order to settle the full and final loan payment. This agreement involves the lender’s consent for the sale of the collateral in order to get direct cash and release the borrower from all the loan obligations.  Once all the process is complete and all the loan conditions are satisfied, a waiver certificate is issued to the borrower as a proof of loan settlement.

Fifth Amendment Waiver and Collateral Release

Fifth Amendment Waiver and Collateral Release

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