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May 13, 2013 by agri in Employment Agreements with 0 Comments

An executive cooperation agreement is one that is entered into between an executive employee of an organization and its management. As the executive is a top officer level position in an organization this special cooperation agreement ensures the protection of policies and confidential information about the company that has to be protected. The agreement is signed by the executive employee of the company in acceptance of the terms and conditions of employment as specified by the management.

Some of the important points covered in this executive cooperation agreement are names and designations of parties to the agreement, coverage of the agreement, rights of the executive, rights of management, liabilities of executive and management, basic work rules, holiday rules, civic responsibilities of executive, situations for disciplinary action, acceptance of confidentiality and nondisclosure clause by executive, changes in job description and transfer of executive to other departments, preservance of culture of the company by the executive, grievance redressal mechanism available for executive, termination etc.

Executive Cooperation Agreement

Executive Cooperation Agreement

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