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Exclusive Internet Advertising Services Agreement

October 5, 2012 by agribusiness in General agreements with 0 Comments
The exclusive internet advertising services agreement is a formal legal contract between two parties out of which one is an owner one or more internet websites, and the other party is being hired for providing the internet advertising services for the website of first party. This agreement is entered when the first party (owner of internet website) is looking forward for internet based advertising for their website through SEO, pay per click, or by generating traffic for the website.

This agreement defines the scope of relationship between the two parties by outlining the terms and conditions of their engagement, type of advertising required, the way in which the website owning company will determine the extent of advertisement, the fee offered to the advertising company and the scope of the termination of the contract. The major focus of this contract is on the exclusivity f relationship between the two parties, which implies that both parties possess the exclusive rights to their intellectual properties.

Exclusive Internet Advertising Services Agreement

Exclusive Internet Advertising Services Agreement

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