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Exclusive Business Cooperation Agreement

May 13, 2013 by agri in General agreements with 0 Comments
An exclusive business cooperation agreement is one which is entered into by two companies where in one company offers to provide its consultancy and cooperation exclusively to another company. This agreement entails that one company will provide its services in any of the areas such as human resources, technological support system maintenance, research and development etc to another company. The first company also agrees to provide this business cooperation only to the second company and will not provide the same to any other company or disclose any of the confidential information as long as this agreement is in place.

The agreement has many terms and conditions which include key details such as names and registered addresses of both the companies, type of business engaged in by both the companies, kind of business cooperation mutually agreed upon by both the companies, date of offering business cooperation, validity of the agreement, service providing methodology, confidentiality clause, termination of agreement and conditions thereof etc.

Exclusive Business Cooperation Agreement

Exclusive Business Cooperation Agreement

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