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Equity Purchase Agreement

April 24, 2013 by agri in Business Agreements with 0 Comments
An equity purchase agreement is one that is entered into between an investor and a company that offers the equity. The agreement provides for the basic terms of the purchase of the equity offered by the company to the investor. The agreement of equity purchase provides for all the terms and condition on the basis of which the transaction will be fulfilled. The company selling the equity makes certain promises to the investor and even the investor needs to agree to the same before purchasing the equity of the company.

The agreement holds certain clauses such as price at which the equity will be sold, the number of shares that each investor is permitted to purchase, registration of the company and equity issuance with securities board of respective location of the company, representatives of the company, warranties provided by the company if any, closing date for issuance of equity, date of delivery of equity, mode of delivery of equity to the investor etc.

Equity Purchase Agreement

Equity Purchase Agreement

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