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Equity Funding Pledge Agreement

April 24, 2013 by agri in Financial Agreements with 0 Comments
An equity funding pledge agreement is one that is entered into between an equity investor and a financial institution for funding the purchase of equity. In this agreement the investor who wishes to purchase equity but does not have sufficient funds to undertake the purchase approaches a financial institution for seeking funding of the equity purchase. The financial institution provides funding to the investor on certain specified terms as agreed in this agreement by the investor.

The investor has to agree to the terms and condition of this agreement. Some of the clauses that are included in this agreement are name and address of the investor, type of equity being purchased by the investor, name of the company investor is buying equity in, date of purchase, actual and face value of the equity purchase, number of units of equity, amount of funding required, date of requirement, rate of interest for funding equity, mode of disbursement etc.



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