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Electronotes Selling Agent Agreement

April 24, 2013 by agri in General agreements with 0 Comments

An Electronotes Selling Agent Agreement is the sale of notes issued by a company and its issuance in electronic form. The notes issued by the company are like bonds that are issued to the subscribers as against the face value of the amount the notes are being sold for. The electronotes selling agent agreement is one entered into between the company issuing the electronotes and a company that has been appointed as an agent to sell the notes of the company. The agreement specifies the corporate organizations to which the notes can be sold by the agent.

Some of the details that are the financial status of the notes issuing company, the utility of amount collected by selling the notes, the legal and administrative aspects of issuance of the notes, date of issuance of the notes, date of maturity of the notes, procedure for redemption of notes etc. The agreement also specifies all the terms that the selling agent has to agree by signing the same.

Electronotes Selling Agent Agreement

Electronotes Selling Agent Agreement

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