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Design-Build Expansion Agreement

May 16, 2013 by agri in General agreements with 0 Comments
A design build expansion agreement is one that is entered into by the owner of the property and a builder in order to undertake extension of an existing property. The agreement provides all the essential requirements that the builder has to fulfill in the expansion project including designing and building. The owner of the property has a lesser role to play in the entire design build expansion process except for approving the design and other specifications. The administrative and construction responsibilities rest on the builder who is given the project.

The agreement provides all the essentials of the design build expansion project such as demolition of existing structure if any, specifications of new construction to be undertaken, plumbing requirements, electrical requirements, construction equipments, date of starting expansion project, date for completion of construction project etc. The agreement should be dated and signed by both the parties to the agreement namely the owner of the property and the builder.

Design-Build Expansion Agreement

Design-Build Expansion Agreement

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