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Definitions And Rules of Construction Agreement

April 25, 2013 by agri in Construction Agreements with 0 Comments
The definitions and rules of construction agreement is one that is entered into between two parties to a construction contract that agreed on the operational aspects of construction through this agreement. This agreement is vital for the success of the construction project as day to day operations are clearly agreed upon well in advance and should be complied with by the parties. The agreement is kind of a rules book and hence named as rules of construction agreement. It also provides for adherence of safety and hygiene measures that will be made available on the construction site during the progress of work.

The agreement holds some of the details such as safety measures like covering all sides of construction site, provision of first aid box on the construction site, provision of fire extinguisher on the construction site, availability of food and water for the construction site workers, availability of toilets for the construction workers, provision of lifts and escalators for transporting materials according to building authorities standards etc.

Definitions And Rules of Construction Agreement

Definitions And Rules of Construction Agreement

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