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Deepwater Horizon Drilling Contract Agreement

May 13, 2013 by agri in General agreements with 0 Comments

A deepwater horizon drilling contract agreement is one which is entered into by the drilling rig owner and the government for obtaining drilling lease.  The agreement provides for the drilling lease where in the drilling company namely the deepwater horizon drilling machine operator Transocean along with prime contractor Halliburton have agreed for oil rigging. This agreement comes into existence on the long term lease provided by the government to the rigging company and other contractors.

The agreement provides for various details of the contract such as name of the drilling company, registered address of the drilling company, names and addresses of other contractors, name of the drilling machine, specifications of the drilling machine, cubic square feet rate for drilling, total gallons of drilling oil to be done, all other construction specifications of oil well etc. The agreement is signed by all the three parties to the contract namely the drilling machine company, the contractors and lastly the government approving the drilling lease.

Deepwater Horizon Drilling Contract Agreement

Deepwater Horizon Drilling Contract Agreement

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