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Customer Acquisition and Advertising Agreement

October 4, 2012 by agribusiness in General agreements with 0 Comments
Customer acquisition and advertising agreement is a legal document that binds together all the oral commitments and terms in a written format promised between two organizations while making a deal regarding customer acquisition and advertisement. Since all the business’s, whether small or large enterprise need clients and customers and certain market strategies, ardent promotions and expectant planning are required to spark clients interest in the company’s products.

Some businesses hire some marketing and advertising companies to achieve this goal for their company and in return pay them the predefined amount and the deal is sealed with a customer acquisition and advertising agreement between both the parties. This agreement is crafted by the legal advisors of both the parties and then further signed by the directors of both the companies  as well as notarized by a public notary so to abstain and avert any misunderstanding, dispute, disapprovals and denials by any party in future during the deal is open.

Customer Acquisition and Advertising Agreement

Customer Acquisition and Advertising Agreement

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