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Credit Line And Construction Deed of Trust Agreement

April 29, 2013 by agri in Financial Agreements with 0 Comments
A credit line and construction deed of trust agreement is one that is entered into between a borrower and a lender which is a financial institution. The agreement comes into force when the borrower pledges the property in order to obtain a line of credit from the financial institution. The borrower assigns to the financial institution the complete rights over the interest, rent and future income potential of the property to the financial institution.

The agreement provides details of the type of credit obtained, mode of credit, period of credit etc. Other than the credit line details the agreement also has details of the property that has been mortgaged to obtain credit from the financial institution such as property address, measurement of the property, location of the property, rental income from the property, tax payment on the property etc. The agreement also specifies the obligations of borrower along with signature and date.

Credit Line And Construction Deed of Trust Agreement

Credit Line And Construction Deed of Trust Agreement

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