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Convertible Debt Unit Pledge Agreement

April 29, 2013 by agri in General agreements with 0 Comments
A convertible debt unit pledge agreement is one that is entered into a pledgor and a pledgee where in the pledgee company is providing a loan to the pledgor company for purchase of convertible debts units. The agreement specifies that the debt units of the pledgor company will be converted into the common shares of the pledgee company. The agreement provides for all the terms and conditions that will govern the pledge agreement agreed by the pledgor company and specified by the pledgee company.

Some of the terms of the agreement include units of convertible debt, details of common shares of the pledgee company, any other property or shares or securities that are delivered to the pledgee for the purpose of obtaining the loan amount. The agreement also specifies the rights and duties of the pledgor and the pledgee company and the legal remedies that can be sought in case of non-compliance of any of the terms of this agreement by any one party.



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