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Conversion Warrant Agreement

April 24, 2013 by agri in General agreements with 0 Comments
A conversion warrant agreement is one that is entered into by a company issuing warrant and the warrant holder to exercise conversion of warrant option. This agreement comes into existence only when the warrant holder wants to exercise his option of converting warrants into the shares issued by the company. This option of conversion of warrants is provided by the company issuing warrant when it is unable to pay back the money taken against the warrants from the warrant holder.

The clauses that are included in the conversion warrant agreement are mode of exercising warrant, right of conversion, market value of the shares and conversion price, mode of issuance of new conversion certificate to the warrant holder, clauses related to reissuance of new warrant in case of mutilation etc. apart from this the agreement also provides for other covenants such as company functioning and penalty that will be paid by the company in case of not converting warrants.

Conversion Warrant Agreement

Conversion Warrant Agreement

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