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Conversion of Debenture Agreement

May 2, 2013 by agri in Business Agreements with 0 Comments
A conversion of debenture agreement is one that is entered into between a company and the debenture holder for conversion of debentures into shares. The agreement provides for the terms and conditions of conversion of debentures into shares by the company. The debenture issuing company used issues convertible debentures as the rate of interest on debentures is very high. With a provision to convert the debentures into shares the company reduces its interest obligation and also provides the benefit of increase in market price of the shares to the debenture holder.

The agreement specifies the terms of conversion such as rate of conversion, number of debentures that will be convertible into shares, market price of the share issued by the company, conversion price and administrative charges that are applicable for conversion if any. Apart from this the agreement also provides the date for conversion along with the penalty that the company has to bear for non-conversion within the stipulated time.

Conversion of Debenture Agreement

Conversion of Debenture Agreement

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