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Common Terms Agreement

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A commons terms agreement can be defined as a legal settlement between two parties out of which one is seeking loan to finance certain project of their organization and the other party is the financing party itself. Basically these agreements bring forward the arrangement between the financing parties and the borrowers for the provision repayment and cost of the debt.  Both these parties set out and agree to certain terms which are common in the relationship between them and among all financing instruments like the definition of agreement, conditions of the agreement, project accounts, order of draw downs, the voting powers for amendments & waivers etc.

This sort of agreements greatly simplify and clarify the multi finance sourcing for a project and ensure that all the parties that are involved in agreement develop a common understanding of critical events and key definitions pertaining to the agreement. A term sheet is developed that outlines and highlights all the financing conditions and key terms, and both the parties agree to these common terms by signing this term sheet.

Common Terms Agreement

Common Terms Agreement

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