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Commodity Collateral Revolving Credit Agreement

October 4, 2012 by agribusiness in Business Agreements with 0 Comments
These agreements come under the category of banking sector legal agreements which are governed by the state law. Collateral can be defined as a legal valuable liquid asset which is kept by a loan borrower as the security against the value of loan. This is an old tradition and collateral help in reduction of credit risk on the part of money lender.

The commodity collateral revolving credit agreement is also a type loan agreement where the collateral for the loan is a commodity. In such agreements borrowers keep their commodities like the cash crops, or any of their industrial products as the collateral. The lending institutions then agree to provide a credit facility to the borrower which is secured by a collateral pledge on one of the borrower’s commodities. A collateral manager is then appointed to take care of the collateral which is a commodity as per its requirement. For example, if commodity can be stored then collateral manager stores it in their warehouse till the time the loan is paid back.

Commodity Collateral Revolving Credit Agreement

Commodity Collateral Revolving Credit Agreement

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