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Collateral Agency and Inter-Creditor agreement

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A collateral agency agreement is a formal legal contract through which a lending institution can act as an agent in front of different secured lenders in certain specified respects. As per this agreement the collateral agency holds certain collateral as security which can be liquefied in case of debts not settled in the required time with respect to the clause providing the power of sale to the lender in a non-judicial foreclosure or in security instrument/ scope.

This scenario or this exercise can take place with the aforementioned procedure in the cases the lender does not settles the full debt within the scheduled time and when the disposal of collateral gives the proportionate cost to its value or when certain specialized circumstances a judicial foreclosure. The debtor is provided with a reasonably advanced notice for the sale of the collateral by the loan agency.

Collateral Agency and Inter-Creditor agreement

Collateral Agency and Inter-Creditor agreement

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